Zero Up 2.0 Review – Bring Your Shopify Business Into Automation

Hello, everybody. Today Dreaming Foxes will introduce to you a product that might blow your mind. It's version 2.0 of an incredible software that launched last year. Its name is Zero Up. So, let's read my review to know more details about this awesome eCommerce AUTOMATION Software that everyone said was impossible. Let's check out my Zero Up 2.0 Review to know what it is.

Zero Up 2.0 Review: General Information

What is Zero Up 2.0?

zero up 2.0 reviewFirst of all, it's a new version of Zero Up that launched last year. And the goal of this software which is built not for us to just make money. It's built to change lives. Fred has been in this field for over 12 years. He knows what eCommerce can do for the lives of his students that might be you. I know that this is 100% the breakthrough you have been looking for. However, you are held back by simple obstacles:
– You could ask: How to get your eCommerce store up?
– Or then: How to pick the right products?
– When you started to earn money, you started to ask: How to automate the process of delivering and ordering the products?
– The hardest part of all time: How to drive traffic to your website… Because if you have no traffic, absolutely you have no money.

And that's not all. You could solve all of those obstacles with just Zero Up 2.0.

Zero Up 2.0 Demo Video

What are The Main Features of Zero Up 2.0?

Furthermore, I will show you all the features from Zero Up 2.0, you might love it.

a. Features That Would Automate Your Work

  • One-click Shopify eCommerce Store Creation: Setting a store can be boring with you or newbies. Even if you use easy-to-use Shopify dashboard. People still feel hard and many just quit within 5 minutes.
  • Fully Integrated with AliExpress & Access To Their Millions of Products: You can literally turn China into your own store. If it’s sold on AliExpress, now you can put it into your store just a few clicks. Just type the product and search, using any search words. Click "Publish" when you're done. That’s it. Immediately – You will list your products on your Shopify store right away and you're selling. Imagine, you can now sell any (or all) of the MILLIONS of products sold on AliExpress (China)!
  • 100% Fulfillment Automation – Never Manually Process an Order: Just this feature I think it could be worth $10000. If in the past each time you got a sale, you have to manually place the sale. So you have to waste hours doing that, or hiring someone to do this for you. Not anymore. With Zero Up 2.0, the ENTIRE process is completely automatic. The moment you get a sale, Zero Up 2.0 will instantly fulfill that order so you don't have to worry about it.

b. Features That Would Maximize Your Profit

  • Advanced Email Integration with 12 Autoresponders – HUGE Profit Boost: Have you used MailChimp? or any other autoresponders. Do you realize the automation sucks? even the new integrations are all faulty and flawed. If you get the integration to work. It's so limited that you’re wasting millions of profit down the drain. Well, that comes to an end now! – You can’t capture Emails of those who ABANDON – You're not able to segment by the product they bought! – and so much more… Zero Up™ now has incredibly involved integrations with over 12 of the Industry’s TOP autoresponders! That time you will see millions added to your list without you even knowing.
  • Profit Multiplier – Maximize Your Sales Instantly: Once someone bought from your store, opportunities for them to keep purchasing from you is really high. I bet you want to keep them in the buying behavior and maximize your initial cart value. With Profit Multiplier, you can imagine you're selling on Shopify's thank you page with a simple coupon creator, or you could use video pop-up, or customized HTML Page that you've created. This can increase your sales by 30% simply just using this tool.

c. Features That Would Change The Game

  • Funnel Builder – Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Builder For eCommerce: If you are in this field. I think you know how important Funnels are. Most people think that funnels are ONLY for digital products. That's extremely WRONG. If you use this formula, you will see how what a huge impact a funnel that you can have. This tool never appears before till today. I really surprised about this when I see this incredible set of tools.
  • Access to Secret Software: First, do you want to expand your product offers to include CUSTOMIZED products for your niche audience? More interestingly, those customized products can be easily done and fulfilled automatically without hassle. Well, with the secret software you could do BOTH of those things. With just a few clicks. This will scale your business to a new level, and differentiate you with others.
    Additionally, Fred has documented his 12-years of eCommerce success into a full step-by-step training academy. You will definitely love it. Fred created this document for everyone starting from zero to advanced eCommerce. These are proven techniques and tools that many of his users are experiencing, you can just copy and paste his success.

Who's Behind Zero Up 2.0?

His name is Fred. If you don't know that Fred has sold over $20 million worth of products through eCommerce. However, it’s not always been easy. Actually, it’s been really hard. First, he had to learn how to build the stores, then he had to learn how to pick the products & finally he had to figure out how to actually drive TRAFFIC! Learn all of that yourself is kind of tough. I've been there too. Actually, I'm in there too.

Why Should You Grab Zero Up 2.0 Now?

  • It's awesome for all online businesses who want to boost their income like crazy (that's true)
  • This is the second launch (version 2.0) but it's also the last. Zero Up will stop launching in the future. I know because it's so powerful and if it's public for so long, the market will have trouble.
  • Also you could get free course and free book with no credit card required and of course FREE below.
  • This all-in-one system has personal coaching from Fred. You could face obstacles all the time, and how awesome it is to have your personal coach to ask whatever and whenever you want.
  • And much more....

What People Say About Fred Lam?

Anik Singal

Jimmy Kim
Dan Dasilva

The Results From Members

Zero Up 2.0 Review: Personal Perspective

As a marketer, I know how amazing all of those tools are. Actually, sometimes searching on Internet, I really want to build them by myself (because I'm also a developer). And I think it's really good to have all the business run automatically. With an expert that supports you every single step, whenever you face obstacles you could ask and get the answer immediately. I think you can never fail. Just make your store, make your funnels and everything else Zero Up 2.0 already cared for you.

Zero Up 2.0 Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use software, and clear dashboard
  • In addition, ask question whenever you need: You could ask Fred Lam when you get new errors or when you get lost. Believe me, you'll get lost a lot on the Internet.
  • Automation saves time: I like fulfillment automation the most because it's saving time, hence you can do a lot of other things to boost your profit in those "saving" time. Even you can benefit from integration with AliExpress. And saving time means saving money.
  • Retargeting support: I mentioned about Profit Multiplier, it's a good example about retargeting. To keep your customer buying from you.
  • Finally, Your own funnels: I want to repeat the importance of funnels. It's not just for digital products. It's super important if you want to massive your income. This is a MUST have.


  • While talking about pros, there is also cons too. I know that you think about it already. The cost. But the value comes with the high cost. But it's really worth. The value is worth more than the price over 10 times. And if you don't do that, that's fine but you're going to stand still for a long time more.


This is the last launch of Zero Up 2.0. You could never see anything like this in the future (might be). Even 1 or 2 more years it's relaunched or something similar will be born. Then you still wasted those time without touching this guarantee your success sooner. And the value of it is far away from the real price. So don't settle, don't hesitate. Therefore, just make your decision today.

Thank you for reading my Zero Up 2.0 Review.

Provely Review – Boost Your Conversion Rate Up To 250%

Provely Review: Is It Worth To Work With?

Hi, everyone. Today I will introduce to you a brand new tool that can increase your conversion like crazy. It is Provely from Mark Thompson who is really famous for providing internet marketing tools like this. Let's see my review for more information.

So, What is Provely?


Provely is a plugin that could increase your conversion up to 250% and it will remove a ton of works that you have to do over again every day by integrating multiple tasks in your single website. It helps you create and design widgets easily, set the behaviors to show up to your visitors.
Provely has 3 types of campaign:

  • Live: Display load or scale notifications to visitors in real-time on your site or page
  • Rotate: Display lead or sale notifications that rotate through over a select period of time (perfect for medium volume sites)
  • Simulated: Display simulated lead or sale notifications that display when specified. (perfect for small volume and startups)

What's Provely's The Main Feature?

  • Tons of Widget Templates that are built-in for you.
  • Language Translation: It means you don't have to know about other languages or have a staff to translate for you for multiple languages. Just simply set the language that you're comfortable with and Provely will do the rest.
  • Payment Integration: You could integrate payment to your website easily with Provely, You don't have to go around of the Internet to do multiple tasks anymore.
  • Webinar Integration: The same as above, multiple things that are done on your site.
  • Lead Integration
  • Simulated Purchase
  • Get Unlimited Visitors
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Notifications

Pros and Cons of Provely

a. Pros
  • Super Easy To Use: Just two steps to get Provely up and running. You just create and design your widgets, then put it on your websites or pages
  • And super fast: It just takes about 2 minutes to get it done
  • Nice design: I could say that I really love the design of this app. It's just fit a lot of platforms such as WordPress, optimizePress, clickFunnels, Leadpages, etc. You could custom your templates, colors, ... to fit your theme.
  • Good function: A thing that Provely really adores me is you can choose the location of people who see your widgets and you can choose how often do they see it. Really nice, huh?
  • They have 30-money back guarantee: It means that you can try it out in 30 days with no risky. Otherwise, the price is reasonable for what it means to you as an online businessman. It starts with $27/domain one-time fee. If you compare it with similar apps like Proof ($19 - $199/month) or Tomo ($29 - $129/month), they have lack of features and with monthly recurring fees.
b. Cons
  • Not much to say about cons of Provely but I have to say nothing is perfect. I could say that because you can see it don't have a lot of features yet.

But these features are enough to grow your business like crazy because it does not limit your amount of visitors, help you target the right audience in specific countries. Yeah, having lack of functions is a con, but this app is going to improve. You can have more updates in the future with the same price. And I think it's worth trying, right?


Using Provely has resulted in insanely scary conversion boosts. Crazy how a simple app and few minutes can sky-rocket our sales and revenue!
Love the flexible of Provely, as it can auto-detect any form on my lead and checkout pages - making it easy on me to display my social proof with zero technical skills. Super slick.
We're in the weight loss niche and adding a Provely widget to our one-time offer pages helps inject scarcity that others were buying more than 1 bottle of our supplements - resulting in 23% more people purchasing additional bottles.
provely review | provely bonus | provely discount | provely testimonials
Dr. Charles Livingston
Single-handily the easiest and most effective social proof tool that has dramatically increased my webinar registrants.
We started adding Provely notifications to all of our lead generation and sales pages. BOOM! Like the flip of a light switch, we were consistently seeing 12-18% increases.

See Provely In Action:

Provely Review: Personal Perspective

In the first time, I saw this product and I thought "well, just a piece of thing. Is it cheating or something scam?". But after I saw it in action, and do some research about factors that affect conversion rates. I just got knocked up. And I would say "wow" for this. It focuses on human behaviors such as displaying lead or sale notifications to visitors real time on your site or page, set time to display or even with specific conditions.

I have read a post from CEO and founder of that people check their smartphone up to 85 times a day. They do so to check if anything new on social media, to search for information or to check the weather, etc. Those are the opportunities.

Provely reminds your readers about your services or your offers. Maybe they have some thought in mind that they will buy that, and reminding will boost that progress. This is psychological.In the first time, I saw this product and I thought "well, just a piece of thing. Is it cheating or something scam?". But after I saw it in action, and do some research about factors that affect conversion rates. I just got knocked up. And I would say "wow" for this. It focuses on human behaviors such as displaying lead or sale notifications to visitors real time on your site or page, set time to display or even with specific conditions.

By Adding One Line of Code and Real-Time Social Proof To Any Site...

Bonus for you

provely review | provely discount | provely bonus | provely testimonials
provely review | provely discount | provely bonus | provely testimonials
provely review | provely discount | provely bonus | provely testimonials
provely review | provely discount | provely bonus | provely testimonials
provely review | provely discount | provely bonus | provely testimonials
provely review | provely discount | provely bonus | provely testimonials

Boost your conversion rate like crazy and the cost is just as a breakfast. What are you waiting for?

Thanks for visiting my Provely Review

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