Black Suite Review

Hi everyone, today DreamingFoxes wants to introduce to you a super package of technology and training for growing your Amazon business. The benefits are enormous. It is BlackBird Suite So let’s find out what it is through my short review.


So What is BlackBird Suite?

As I described above, Blackbird Suite is a complete set of tools for Amazon sellers, and also you can learn a lot here from highly successful Amazon sellers through training system.
You will get all the tools that people who sell on Amazon need in one suite.

Who Is Behind BlackBird Suite?

I’m very considered to pick a product to introduce to my readers. So this software is developed by Steven Clayton, Matt Carter, and Aidan Booth. They have excellent technical skills. Besides, they earn millions every single year on Amazon. So they know exactly how this model run.

blackbird suite review | blackbird suite discount | best things to sell on amazon fba
blackbird suite review | blackbird suite discount | amazon product research tools
blackbird suite review | blackbird suite discount | amazon keyword research tools

How does Blackbird Suite work?

Blackbird is a cloud-based tool. And you can have lifetime access to a Member Area where you can get all the software and associated training that the authors publish here.

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What Are The Main Features of Blackbird Suite?

  • Quick email to your customers to get five-star reviews (automated)
  • Track your products, sales, reviews, pricing, and ranking.
  • Find the marketplace of Amazon for the best new product trends.
  • Know what your competitors are doing by spying to head over them.
  • Run split tests.
  • Help your on-page analysis about your product titles, headers, images, etc.
  • Easily doing keyword research (save money with other keyword tools)
  • Manage your finances and slice and dice sales data at the click of a button.
  • You will have direct access to Amazon coaches to question anytime you want.

“Grab a Guru”

Is it incredible? Your own Amazon coaches? Let me talk more about this special feature. It’s called “Grab a Guru”. With just a click, you can message the BlackBird coaching staff, and ask them anything that’s related to Amazon business. I don’t find anywhere, or any tool has an opportunity like this. Especially with this small cost.

Does Blackbird Suite Actually Work?

Why Should You Get It ASAP?

  • BlackBird is UNIQUE and extremely efficient. This is a proven set of tools that Steven and his team have been using for over 18-months to generate those awesome profits. So this is unlike anything anyone else has ever released before.
  • This launch is one-time and just open for five days. So don’t miss your opportunity to succeed with your Amazon business.
  • BlackBird becomes a MUST have for all Amazon sellers, and I have to say that is anyone who is looking to start a business on Amazon. It’s all you need to start, and it eliminates all other tools such as keyword research, tracking, spying, email, and training, etc.
  • You will get instant access to absolutely everything.
  • Your purchase comes with a full 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. That means if after get this amazing set of tools a few days, and then you change your mind. So that’s okay to let the team know, then you will get 100% your money back.

Grab BlackBird Suite Now

blackbird suite review | blackbird suite discount | best amazon selling tools

What Are Pros and Cons of BlackBird Suite?


  • Time and money savings
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Awesome built-in tools (such as Chrome extension for Split-testing)
  • Valuable training (even newbies could do it)


  • Because of all in one platform. Once the server’s down, all of your works have to stop. Obviously, all of your tools are there. Except that, I absolutely can not find any other issue with this Amazon killer guy.

I mentioned time and money savings here because for example: Split Testing Process. Blackbird has its Chrome extension for this feature. You could do this manually, but it will take a lot of your effort, patience, and yeah, time. With BlackBird Suite, you just create your split test project, choose products/profit per unit. Pick the beginning date and an end. And BOOM, you just scheduled your split test, all of those steps you could do under a minute. It is also alternate for Amazon listing services, your amazon product research software, etc.

About cost, you can have access to this set of tools with only $97 which can cost you over 550 bucks out there, is it reasonable?

  • Even BlackBird is awesome in my thought. I still see some leaks like the cons that you’ve seen above.
  • But generally, the disadvantage, that I mentioned, might rarely occur with those brilliant brains.


blackbird suite review | blackbird suite discount | best things to sell on amazon fba
blackbird suite review | blackbird suite discount | best things to sell on amazon fba

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Time For Your Turn

A few months ago, I started to sell on Amazon. It’s frustrated because I did it from scratch. A lot of things I didn’t know and spent a lot of times for craps. Having those tools like email (Aweber etc.), keyword research (Long Tail Pro), etc. All of those tools could charge you over 500 bucks monthly. Now you can get BlackBird with all the set of software just 97 bucks. And with a newbie who is just a tenderfoot on Amazon field, that much could prevent you from going forward with this road. So you have five days, a reasonable cost, and a valuable bonus package. What are you waiting for?


I can’t believe that Steven and his team could reveal this secret weapon. With online marketers, those secrets could change the game. Even you could have access to over 71 training videos to show you how to sell on Amazon. I’m telling you, an absolute newbie could become an expert after this. You have an opportunity to learn, action, ask questions to Steve, Matt Carter, and all his team who are top sellers on Amazon. BlackBird Amazon is a unique package ever, right?

Get BlackBird Suite Now